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*No Monthly Commitment


This package is AMAZING for brands who are ready to branch out, prefer not to create their own graphics, and want that competitive edge when presenting their graphics to their audience. Brands who may not be ready to jump into the top packages we offer but are ready to get started promoting their offers in a creative and professional way.


What's included in this offer?

  • You will have 4 custom graphic projects per month. Each project will include a Facebook cover, a story, and a post-sized graphic so you can capture your dream client's attention right away. This way, they will invest in what you have to offer.
  • We will have a creative design call where we will go over your vision for your offer so you can express your heart and the impact you want to have on your clients. So, I can bring your graphics to LIFE! 
  • You will have a true-to-you design color palette that will be unique to you and go with each of your custom graphics.This way, whenever anyone comes across your graphics, they will know that they belong to your brand without having to read a word!



  • Unlimited Marco Polo Access
  • While working on your projects, you will have access to me, so you can feel assured that your six-figure brand is coming to life in the way that you envisioned it.
  • You will have input on the edits that need to be made, and you will have access to ask me questions along the way. This way, everything you want will be included, and your dream will come true! (Just call me your fairy godmother!) 
  • A guarantee just for you:Plus, to make sure you love your graphics, you get two edits so that every aspect of your brand is exactly what you want!​


**Final projects will be can be emailed and are place in Trello


*Your project deliverables date is contingent upon the following: 

  • Your timely submission of photos, copy, color schemes, etc… 

  • Graphics that are not submitted will NOT be rolled over to next months projects

  • Please note, you will have 3 complete months to provide all project information, from the date of purchase. 

  • If the project information is not received in time, you will NOT receive a refund, per Inspired Virtual Designs' company refund policy. 



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