5 Ways to Unblock Writer's Block

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

How many of you have struggled with writer’s block?

Staring at the blank page, just mocking you with its shiny emptiness. Getting into your head. Messing with your confidence...”If you can’t string two words together about your passion/business/goals, what makes you think this will really work out.” Well, I say that’s a load of poppycock! You just need the ol’ noggin stirring again with fresh words and clear thoughts, and here’s five ways to do just that - unblock writer’s block.

1. Just Write.

Bring out your journal, and write unhindered anything that comes to you. Seriously. Before you object to my wonderful wise guru advice on how to overcome writer's block by (genius, I know) actually writing, pause with me for a second. Sometimes, the fear of not being perfect IS what is blocking us. If we give ourselves permission to "just write," you'd be surprised the ideas that might flow out again.

2. Be Still, Close Your Eyes.

Okay, maybe your words didn't knock the wind out of your sails this time, but perhaps it is simply because your

mind is so jumbled with tasks, to-do lists, interruptions, and deadlines. Maybe, just maybe, you are not able to write because you forget environment and imagination is the "magic ingredient" to creativity. No kid is going to look at a pile of wet dirt and automatically think "Mud pies!" However, given the right circumstances of time and undistracted play, mud pies are what's being served with a side of grasshopper soup. Sorry, grasshopper.

3. AdLib

I was never that great at improv, thinking of great zingers on the fly. Nope, I was the kid that thought of how to respond perfectly to a situation twenty-two hours after said situation. And, yes, I was always kicking myself. However, if you are the kind of person that does better in the context of the moment, then pull out your voice recorder and just start talking. Talk like you are sharing with your spouse or your

best friend exactly how you want to convey the topic at hand. And then, just transpose the text. Some software actually translates voice-to-text, but don't get caught up in it capturing it perfectly or you'll never "loosen up" those lips. Speak naturally. Look at the words afterwards (or "after words" - both work).

4. Mad Libs

One particularly helpful tool I've seen pop up recently is the use of mad libs...for business. Before you think I've gone and lost my blooming mind, track with me here. It's seriously effective not just for filling in the blanks, but it actually helps you find your authentic voice. As we all know, authenticity is key to building your brand. So, you might think, "This sounds fun, but how do I do this?" You could go over to Allison Gower's page and sign up to receive your free copy of "Plug and Play Mad Libs", or you could honestly use any mad libs and write your article fast like the blur of Road Runner zooming past Wile E. Coyote. See what I did there? You can too.

5. Get Outside...of Your Topic

I mean it. Watching a documentary on Asian Pacific octopus or a top 10 list video on your son's favorite gaming consoles might just spark an idea. You'd be surprised the connections your brain will start making. Your creative juices can easily flow when you give it new thoughts, rather than the ones that were blocking your

way. This "getting outside" your topic trick doesn't just work for copywriting, but inspiring artists past their blocks too. I've even seen inventors and tech specialists inspired by this brain interplay. I do believe you need to be open-minded at "seeing connections" in these unexpected places, rather than just vegging out to zero brain activity. An example of this: my daughter was reaching for my phone while writing this article. Instead of ignoring her, I "see" her desire for my phone as synonymous with an entrepreneur, artist, or author reaching for just the right words. Something outside of herself (i.e. her mom) was able to unlock the phone for her and cause her to be content streaming her fav channel.

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