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Is it Time to get guidance on your Canva Graphics?

I know that you probably spend a lot of time on you graphics and still you wish that you had someone to help with the design or even deciding on what color palette to choose. 

It takes time to learn something new and maybe you are creating your graphics because you can't invest or outsource to a graphic designer or a social media manager to take care of your graphics. 

I here to tell you that it is time to invest in a designer that can help guide you in your designs and give you input to create you graphics in less time. 


Canva!! This package is PERFECT for entrepreneurs that are creating their own graphics for their brand. 

Creating your own graphics is on your to-do list, but you struggle to achieve even decent graphics. You follow the formula:  use a Canva template, add your information, including your brand colors,  but your results are less than amazing. If only you had a second set of designer eyes to look over your Canva graphic to consult with and offer suggestions, that would make a difference. 


I am a graphic designer that can guide you on your Canva journey.


This package includes:

  • Branding consultation

  • Once a month Live Design Lesson with an Assignment

  • Once a week, 1 hour Live Audit

  • Live Audit will include 2 to 4 people (1) Graphic per person 


Canva Audit: Designer Edition is a Monthly Subscription. Every week I will take your graphic live and go over them on the changes to improve and answer your quetions.



This course is perfect for:

  • Complete New to the Canva. Not sure how to use the tools no problem we will go over and have Lessons you can go throught to help you start creating

  • Not sure if you are doing it right. You will have guideance and learn the design process and be able to create with ease beacause of the tools you have and the support.

  • Canva Designer. You know how to use Canva but you want to grow and learn to be better at what you do for your clients.  Having a Graphic designer have your back and be able to ask questions and mentor you is a plus.

  • Social Media Content Creators. Canva has templates that you can use but you still want to be unique and stand out with your brand or your clients feed. As a content creator or you mange other people's feeds you will want to uplevel and have support when you get stuck.

You have the option to get a VIP individualize interaction with me 1:1 personal session  2x a month fo an hour each session to go over as many graphics you need help with. So come prepare shoot out graphics for you or your client

What We Do

Branding Consultation

1 LIVE Training per Week

Which means you'll get FOUR total LIVE trainings all about different aspects of Photoshop! After the training, I'll open up the space for live Q&A. All trainings will be recorded and uploaded to Kajabi for future reference!

1 Live Training per week

You will get (4) total LIVE AUDITS a month. After the training I'll open up the floor for live Q&A.  All trainings will be recorded and uploaded to Facebook Group. 

Private Facebook Group

Access to the Private Facebook Group

One of the biggest things I've learned about being a designer - you need a tribe of people who just get it. With like minds all in one place, we're bound to have some awesome design discussions, Q&A, and friendly critiques online!


Pre-Recorded Trainings of the Tools we use in each Training

Forget scrolling through the entire LIVE training to find the info you need - you'll be able to go into the corresponding Kajabi module and watch quick, separate videos of all the tools we use in each training! AND - you'll have lifetime access to these!

Weekly Exercises

Additional Weekly Exercises to further your learning

Each week you'll be given an additional exercise to practice the tools we learned in the LIVE training!

Pre-Made Templates

Pre-Made Templates, Reference Documents, & Much More...

You'll be provided with Social Media templates (so you don't have to f*ck around with mobile settings like I did), Photoshop Reference documents (like what tool is what), and so much more!



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VIP Client 

  • 1 on 1

  • Access to me for (1) hour twice a month (Video Conference) 

  • Go through as many graphics in that hour

Space is limited

Choose your pricing plan

  • Early Bird Pricing

    Every month
    Monthly Subscription
    • > One Live Audit per week, approximately 60-90 mins
    • > One LIVE Training per month
    • > Access to Private Facebook Group
    • > Pre Recorded videos for tools and educations
    • > Weekly exercise & Social Media Templates
  • VIP

    Every year
    • > One LIVE Audit per week, approximately 60-90 mins
    • > One Live Training per week
    • > Private Facebook Group
    • > Pre-recorded Videos for Tools
    • > Once a Month Lesson
    • > Social Media Template
    • > 1 on 1, Twice a month for 1 hour
    • > 1 hour to go over your graphics
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