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It takes time to learn graphic design or software to be able to create graphics.  Creating graphics that grab your ideal client's attention and remembering to stay connected. 

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Step-By-Step Instructions

Learn how to properly craft a contract for your Pinterest management services that is easy to read and won't scare your potential client away from working with you.

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Are you a blogger or business owner?

It takes time to learn graphic design or software to be able to create graphics.  Creating graphics that grab your ideal clients' attention and remembering to stay connected. 

I realized there was a need for pre-made graphics for my clients when I knew that they knew how to use Canva for the most part but didn't have the time to create a design that represented their brand and connected with their ideal client. 

Instead of wasting time finding the right graphic on Canva or learning Graphic design, use these templates that I have created in Canva within minutes you can create fresh new Social Media graphics just by change a few things. Best of all, these Canva templates are compatible with the free subscription and come with a tutorial video packed with tips if you are new to the platform.

These modern & clean designs are perfect for promoting a business on social media.

Saving your time and money of hiring an expert to create graphics! If you realize that this is still not what you want to spend your time creating graphics then definitely schedule a call with me. 

I have used 7 Categories that benefit you sharing about on social platforms. Plus? Holiday Graphics


1. Behind The Scenes

2. Your Why

3. Personal Insight

4. Encouragement

5 About You

6. Business Benefits

7. Showcasing Your Product or Service

✩ Create fresh content in minutes - saving you time & money
✩ Stay consistent with your brand

✩ All fonts, text, imagery & color can be customized for your brand

✩ 7 Category Social Graphic templates for Canva
✩ Size 1080px x 1080px which you can use with Instagram & Facebook
✩ PLUS a bonus tutorial video with instructions + time-saving Canva hacks!

✩ Click “Buy”
✩ Download the PDF files (can also be found at
✩ Click to edit your Canva Templates
✩ Download your pin designs as JPG/PNG from Canva - ready to upload to Pinterest!



  1. Once your purchase is completed, you will receive an email giving access to your Canva template.

  2. It's time to Login into your Canva account. If you don't have a Canva account sign up for one HERE.

  3. You will be able to edit your template to fit your style and change any photos, fonts, colors, etc...


  • Photos are not included with your templates, they are for design ideas only. You are able to use the photos if they are part of your FREE Canva Account. Some images will be part of the Pro Canva Account. 

  • All elements are available on a free Canva subscription - no need to pay for a Pro account unless your image is part of a Pro account

  • You may not resell, send, repackage, share, or distribute these templates to clients, VA's, friends, etc.


I don't offer refunds or returns, exchanges, or cancellations on digital items. But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

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